Where Did My Baby Go?

Koa's Birthday Poster

I now have a 3 year old! When the heck did that happen? It feels like he went to bed one night a baby and this morning he woke up a little boy. I know I have said that before, but goodness I sure felt that today. Koa turns 3 tomorrow, and seriously, these 3 years have flown by! Like speeding bullet fast. I was making this super cute chalkboard poster (from Christine’s awesome tutorial here!) and as I was doing it I found myself getting all emotional while deciding all the little things to add. Koa is such a little ball of personality. He is hysterical (I mean have you read some of the things he’s said/done?), loving, imaginative, creative, a master negotiator, smart as a whip, and an awesome snuggler. He’s my baby.


Everyone raves about the book “Love You Forever.” It’s like the classic baby shower gift for a new mom, especially if she is having a boy. They all say how it’s so sweet, and it makes them cry when they read it, yada yada. But I’m being honest here…I always found the book a bit weird. I mean, the mom climbs in her grown son’s window? Creeper. However, just the other night Koa randomly chose that book for his bedtime story. I thought nothing of it, grateful for the break from “George Cleans Up.” And there I was, reading my son a bedtime story and crying like a baby. For crying out loud! Seriously, I was blubbering, like I couldn’t get a word out, tears down my cheeks, blubbering. I understood now! (And Robert Munsch, you are an awful person for writing a book that makes mommies cry during storytime!) While I was crying, he asked me:

Koa: Mommy? You cryin? (Holding my face in his hands looking very concerned)

Me: Yes honey, Mommy “cryin.”

K: Why?

Me: You’re growing up and getting so big honey.

Koa: Don’t worry Mommy.

Me: Don’t worry about what?

K: I not grow up Mommy. Not yet.

Me: Not yet? (Trying not to cry and laugh at the same time. He was so darn cute and serious.)

K: No, not yet. It’s too early for me to grow up.

Me: You’ll stay little?

K: For you Mommy. I stay little for you. (*Annnnnd then he gave me a big kiss and hug and asked to snuggle. And I smiled at the amazing little human hugging me.)


I love the little person my baby is becoming.  Now, my baby is a fiercely independent, bright little boy.

“I can do it myself” is one of his favorite phrases. He is fearless and will try anything. He loves adventure and learning new things (scissors anyone?). Where he once depended on me for everything, he is now testing his independence. He feeds himself, wants his banana whole (not cut) and wants a cup without a lid for his milk. He can make his own “peanut butter and jelly with goldfish and raisins” lunch. (It’s messy but he can do it.) He gets himself dressed in the morning, brushes his own teeth, uses the potty himself, and even sprays and combs his own hair. He can ride a bike, draw with crayons, use an iPad and tell you all the different brands of cars and trucks in the parking lot (and their color and which way they are parked.) He is confident and independent and wonderful.

I realize he is now officially out of the baby and toddler stage. He is a little boy. While I miss him being my baby, I feel so blessed to be raising such an amazing little person.

So please excuse me while I go sit on the floor in his room, in the dark, while he sleeps, and just stare at this little boy I am blessed to call my own.

“I’ll love you forever. I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” -Love You Forever by Robert Munsch


Happy Birthday Koa!

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