Throwing a Waffle and Mimosa Bar Bridal Shower and the Perfect Berry Compote

My younger sister is getting married in June. About a month ago I threw her a bridal shower to celebrate her upcoming nuptials.

When I asked my sister what kind of shower she wanted, her only response was “mimosas!” Well, that helps right? ha! So, since we were obviously going to need mimosas, I decided that a brunch shower was perfect, and what better to have for brunch than waffles?

Putting together the Waffle Bar was actually pretty easy. Basically it was waffles and all the trimmings and toppings. I borrowed a couple of extra waffle makers, and the morning of the shower I made a big batch of waffle batter. Then, with the help of my aunt and mom, we set to making waffles in batches and just setting them in a warm oven, until we were ready to serve.

For toppings I did fruit compotes (recipe is at the end of this post!), whipped cream, peanut butter, chopped nuts, toasted coconut, butter, maple syrup, sprinkles, chopped fresh fruit (strawberries, bananas, etc), powdered sugar, and cinnamon. Oh, and popcorn chicken, because she said she wanted chicken and waffles! Ha!

I also did a variety of other brunch foods like sausage, bacon wrapped tater tots, and bacon (of course!), but I did it in the oven to avoid the mess and having my house smelling like bacon before guests came. If you haven’t cooked bacon in the oven before, you have to try it! You will never fry it in a pan again!

We also had a tower of powdered donuts, because my sister loves them.

Then, as requested, we had mimosas. I chose to go with a Mimosa Bar. I had 4 different juices and champagne on ice and I used some pretty plastic champagne glasses I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Guests just grabbed a “glass” and made their own mimosas. It was easy and super cute! Definitely a hit! I also had regular cups and water available for people (like me) who didn’t want to drink but may have wanted something else.

A few other things that made it complete…

When everyone arrived, I had a basket with blank envelopes and a container filled with pens. I asked that everyone rite their name and address on an envelope. I then gave the envelopes and cards to my sister to use for Thank You notes. It makes it so much easier for the bride, since she then does not need to look for addresses (and now she has everyone’s). She just write the note and sends them!


I did go traditional and used the ribbons from the shower (and her other shower) to make her a bouquet to use at the rehearsal. There were lots of Bed Bath and Beyond gifts which made for a very purple bouquet!

We did play a few games, and for game prizes, I went with notepads and pens, and a few coffee mugs. I wanted stuff people could use, not win and throw away! Target dollar spot was perfect for this!

I used pretty faux flowers from Hobby Lobby, mason jars, glass vases, and small glass tealight holders for decor. We just placed small bunches of flowers around, and since the shower was outdoors, it was just the right amount of color and bridal touch.

It was a beautiful (and yummy) shower, if I do say so myself. The best part was being able to celebrate my little sister! Isn’t she adorable?

Here is my recipe for a super easy mixed berry compote. I made it to use on the waffles, which was delicious, and we used the leftovers on oatmeal and ice cream!

Mixed Berry Compote

The perfect easy berry compote for waffles, pancakes, ice cream, oatmeal, yogurt, or even cake!


  • 4 cups mixed berries (fresh or frozen)
  • 2 tsp cornstarch
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 3 tbsp sugar


  • In a small bowl mix the water and cornstarch until dissolved. Set aside.
  • in a large pan, heat the berries over medium heat.
  • Sprinkle with sugar, and stir until berries start to soften and the juices forma syrup.
  • Add the cornstarch water and continue to stir until the syrup thickens.
  • Remove from heat. It will continue to thicken a bit as it cools.


You can use any mix of berries for this recipe. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc. They are all delicious. You can go ahead and add a tsp of lemon juice if you want a slight tang or a dash of cinnamon. You can use fresh or frozen berries for this. If using frozen go ahead and don't worry about defrosting. Just toss the frozen berries in the pan. If you do use fresh berries, you may need to add a couple tablespoons of water as the berries cook, to get a syrup going. This recipe is pretty fool proof, just do what tastes good to you! It is delicious warm or cold!





Hello Spring Cleaning

Once upon a  time I had a clean house…and then I had kids. Just kidding, but not really. Before kids, I could sweep my floors and have them stay clean for more than 5 minutes. Now, I swear that the floors are getting dirty AS I clean them. I mean really?! So, as it is now April, and Spring has sprung, the time calls for a good ole spring cleaning.

I am about to embark on the ever dreaded cleaning of the baseboards and blinds, the scrubbing of cabinets, and the cleaning out of closets. In full disclosure, I do all of these things more than once a year, but it just seems like right now is a great time to do it as well because, well, spring cleaning. Not to mention with the sudden onset of our hot and dry weather (lovely spring in Arizona) the dust is everywhere!

So, I thought I would share a few quick and simple cleaning ideas that I either learned from my mom (you can eat off of any floor in her house I swear!) or just found along the way.

Ceiling fans: These suckers get so dusty so fast, especially here in the desert. Stick a pillow case over the arm of the fan and pull. The dust will stay in the pillowcase and you can shake it out outside and then throw it in th washer. This wont get all the dust (but it does get the majority), so go back over the arms with a dust cloth or swiffer duster (those things are magic!)

Baseboards: Gosh I remember this chore as a kid and I hated it as much then as I do now. Just a damp washcloth. I take a small spray bottle with clean water all around with me, because when I do this i am just scooting around on the floor. Take a small spray bottle with you and spray as you go. Just be sure to wipe well and don’t leave the baseboards wet. Then you can use a dryer sheet and go over them I totally thought this was a quack when I read it somewhere, but I swear it really does help repel dust. And anything I can do to clean baseboards less is a good idea to me!

Closets: I went from a tradition wardrobe to a Capsule Wardrobe a couple of years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. Now would be the perfect time to go through your closet and give a Capsule a shot. Visit here for why I did it and here for how!

Finally, anyone else really dislike going to bed with a dirty kitchen? Especially a dirty sink. Our household agreement that whoever cooks doesn’t have to do the dishes. I cook dinner, so most nights I get to avoid the dishes! That’s my solution to dishes in the sink. But cleaning out the sink is not always remembered. Waking up to a stinky sink is no fun, so here is my solution. It’s easy, cheap, and so effective!


mason jar

Daisy mason jar lid inserts (I used these)

baking soda

essential oil (optional)

That’s it! Fill your mason jar with baking soda. Add 10 or so drops of essential oil of choice. I like to use one that coordinates with the smell of my dish soap at the moment, or go with one that has great cleaning properties like Tea tree or lemon. Shake the mixture to mix well. Add the mason jar lid insert and screw on lid.

To use, just sprinkle in the sink and add a few drops of dish soap to the sink. Using a scrub brush or sponge, scrub the inside of the sink well. Rinse well. Done. Now you’ll have a clean and fresh smelling sink in the morning.

I keep my jar right on the counter, because its pretty and I use it most nights.

(You can also just put this mixture in a container with a lid and use a spoon to sprinkle it in the sink. A mason jar just looked prettier on my counter. It’s up to you!)

Now, does anyone have a way to keep goldfish and granola bar crumbs off my floors? I’m off to sweep and mop my floors…again!

Happy Spring!

What’s your most dreaded cleaning task?