My Closet Rehab

I did it! I completed my Capsule! I have to say it was exhausting but turned out amazing! When all was said and done, we took 5 garbage bags of clothes to Goodwill, one bag of just hangars, 2 bags to sell, and one bag to a friend! It was embarrassing how much clothes was in my possession.

So here is how I did it…

First things first. Pull everything out of the closet and drawers. Pile it all on the floor, bed, wherever works for you. Mine was on a huge heap on the floor. Once everything is out, time to go through it piece by piece. It helps to have a list of pieces you want to include in your capsule. Remember to make it work for you. There are no hard and fast rules. You are looking to create a wardrobe of pieces that easily go together, you love to wear, fit, are in good condition and are flattering. (No stains, stretched out t-shirts, holes that aren’t supposed to be there, etc.) Then decide if you are doing a seasonal wardrobe or a year round? Are you a mom, so your clothes need to allow you to crawl on the floor, breastfeed, run errands, etc? Do you work in a business setting and therefore need a separate capsule for work clothes? Totally feasible! Just keep your lifestyle and those things in mind. What is your color palate going to be? We all have colors we wear regularly. Mine happen to be black, gray, and white. Not going to fight it anymore. They are the colors that look good on me and that I feel comfortable in. I have an accent color of navy blue and leopard print. So when I went through my clothes that’s what I was looking for. I also went through other blogs and posts of capsule wardrobes to see what others typically put in theirs. You may need to purchase a few timeless pieces, or you may decide you have all you need already and just need to weed it out.

As you weed through your massive pile on the floor, put the clothes in 4 smaller piles: keep, donate, maybe, throw away.

Keep: the items you want to include in your capsule.

Donate: Items that are not stained, in decent condition, etc. ( I divided this pile into donate/sell because we have a Plato’s Closet where I could sell some of the good stuff.) Do you really need to keep those 3 bridesmaid dresses, the wedding is over? Do you plan on going to prom again? If not, then why do you still have the dress? That sweatshirt you got your freshman year of college…10 years ago…yeah you get my point. Get rid of it.

Maybe: Items that won’t work in your current season’s capsule, or that you think you may want to include but aren’t sure. These will be packed away in a box. If you find yourself thinking about an item and really wanting it, then go get it out of the box. If you go the entire season without needing it, then next season it gets donated/sold.) For example: I am 2 months out from having my son, so I am still working on losing my baby weight. I have my smaller sized jeans/pants and some tops for after I lose the weight. I also have my winter sweaters in the box.

Throw away: Items that are ripped, stained, stretched out, etc. Get rid of it!

* The following do not count towards your capsule: underwear, work out clothes, lounge wear, bathing suits, or pajamas.

Now go through you clothes. Try to keep your number of items to about 50 or less. The general number for a seasonal capsule seems to be 37. I did a year round capsule because here in Arizona we don’t really get 4 seasons, we get two. So a year round capsule, with a few pieces to switch out for cold/warm weather seemed to fit me best.

I also went through my shoes, but that isn’t a requirement. Just something I truly needed to do. It was ridiculous. I ended up with still quite a few pairs, but more “go with everything” types. Gone are the neon pink and green wedges; though cute, they only went with maybe one outfit. Same with the wine colored wedges, the horribly painful (but pretty!) nude patent wedges, and an obscene number of boots. I kept 2 pairs of pumps (one nude one black), white Converse, tan flats, black flats, tan wedges in two heights, leopard flats, brown Toms, black and brown boots, and my leather Rainbow slippers.Hey, I donated/sold 2 boxes of shoes after that!

This is what I ended up with in my closet.

closet rehab wardrobe Capsule

It was definitely a process. It took me 3 days to complete, though I was doing it with an infant napping (sort of) on my bed and a 2 year old driving trucks up and down clothes piles and trying to “help,” which to him meant moving clothes from pile to pile. He did finally decide to just lay on the bed and have a brotherly conversation and read a book. I do love these moments.

boys convo

koa reading

But, when all was said and done, it felt amazing. I made $119 selling some of my clothes, gave a friend a whole bag, and even convinced my husband to go through his side of the closet!

My mom asked me if I ” feel lighter now?” and you know what? I do! It’s like a weight was lifted, as weird as that may sound. Getting dressed the past 2 mornings has taken no time at all. I grab a bottom and a top and know that no matter what I pick it will work. Add some accessories and I am ready to go. I feel more put together, and confident because I know what I am putting on looks good and I love it. Not to mention, the closet is super clean and organized and I made some money too! I am so glad I decided to do this!

  • click here to see the post with some outfits I made using some of the pieces.

So, anyone else up for the challenge? Can you do it?



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