Jeans Shopping….without the Nightmare!

*This post was sponsored by Eujean Co. However all opinions are my own based on my experience. I would never promote something unless I loved it!

Just the thought of shopping for jeans sends some women into a tizzy. Forget the thought of doing it with kids. That’s just crazy. What is it about jeans? Seems we are constantly on the hunt for the perfect pair that makes our butt look great, are slimming, just the right color and style. It’s no easy task! Add in two kids who are asking for snacks while crammed into a dressing room watching you try on 5 pairs, and asking why your underwear looks like that (“you should wear boxers like me mommy”)…yeah no fun.

Friends, I may have found the solution! Eujean Co. is a company the does the shopping for you. “It’s simple. It’s convenient. It’s fun.” All I did was go online and fill out a simple curator questionnaire. The questions were things like my size, height, weight, what styles of jeans I was interested in (flare, skinny, etc), the washes I liked (dark, light, white, colored denim, etc) as well as more detailed stuff like how I liked my jeans to fit (fitted, tight, or otherwise) and also what parts of my body I wanted to hide/highlight. There is also a box at the end where you can add other thoughts, which was great for me because I am super short, so I wanted to let them know that most jeans are way too long on me.  They also have a spot where you can add your instagram handle if you want so they can check out your feed to get an idea for your style. If that’s something you want to do. Or, you can just check the box for your personal style too.

You pay a $25 curator fee, and they curate a box of 5 pairs of jeans suited just for you! That $25 gets applied to whatever pair of jeans you decided to buy from the box. If you buy more than one pair you get a discount. Whatever pairs you decided not to keep, you simply put in the prepaid bag they sent in the box, and send the pairs back within 3 days! It was so easy! I was able to try all of the jeans on in the comfort of my own home, after the kids went down for nap! I was able to try them on with various tops in my closet and different shoes. And best of all, without anyone crying for a snack, or saying they are bored, or trying to climb under the dressing room door.


The jeans they sent were fantastic! I did have a giggle because every pair was a “Crop,” so I could have the (short) length I needed. I really did love every pair they sent. I kept a great grey pair with just the right amount of distressing in the right places. (I had mentioned that while I love distressed jeans, because of my height, it was hard to find them with distressing in the right spots, since the knees never lined up right.) I also kept a couple of great skinny pairs. The others that were sent were great, but just didn’t work out.

But that was the joy of the whole process. I was able to get 3 pairs of jeans I love, and the ones I didn’t I just put in a bag and in the mailbox. No lugging the kids to the store to return them.

Eujean Co. carries brands like Articles of Society, Liverpool, Mavi, Yummie, Dex, Jacob Davis, and more. They also carry an array of styles for regular jeans like skinny, straight, bootcut and flare as well as seasonal styles like ankle, crops, bermuda shorts and regular shorts!

Eujean Co. also gives back. With every purchase made, 10% of the profits go directly to Sole Hope charity. You can read more about their mission and how here.

The experience with Eujean Co. was fantastic. The curator was wonderful and did an incredible job using my questionnaire to find me some amazing jeans. I loved the easy process, and being able to do my jeans shopping while the boys took their naps!

Give it a shot. You have nothing to loose but the headache. Unless of course you like the dressing room chaos. Then hey by all means.




  1. Terrin Ramsey says:

    This is a super neat concept! I HATE shopping for jeans and just had my second baby. I can’t imagine I’ll be trying on pants anytime soon with 2 in tow! I’ll have to give this a try!

  2. Justine @ Little Dove says:

    Oh my goodness, this is amazing! What a great idea! Definitely a dream come true. I actually don’t currently have any jeans that fit me well, just a couple of pairs I have to cinch super tight with a belt, but I can never find jeans that fit me well! I have the opposite problem as you do too, jeans are rarely long enough for me because I’m too tall. I would love to give Eujean Co. a try!

    • Keala says:

      Omg this is perfect for you then! When you fill out the questionnaire you can say you need long etc. give it a shot. The customer service is amazing too!! They are so incredibly helpful. They really want you to be happy!

  3. Silvia says:

    What an awesome service! I don’t have kids yet but I hate trying on a ton of clothes so this sounds awesome!

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