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It’s that time of year again. Kids are going back to school. In fact some have been back in school for a couple weeks already! (Here in Arizona they started already!) This is my second year not having my own classroom, and while it’s a little easier than it was last year (read about it here), it still feels weird. They say once a teacher always a teacher. So true. I still feel a pull to the teacher supply section of stores, and peruse the bulletin board borders and calendar decorations, even though I have absolutely no use for them.

When I was teaching, one of my room moms sent me an email with some questions about my preferences on things like restaurants, drinks, stores and such. She sent my answers to the other parents, just in case they wanted a reference for the year. Now, I am in no way saying you have to get your teacher stuff, but sometimes it is nice to show them some appreciation, even if it is in the form of a large Diet Coke from Sonic handed to them in the afternoon pick up line. Believe me, that teacher appreciates that drink as she sits in 2 hours of meetings or grading after school. How did my parents know that Diet Coke was my drink of choice? From the answers on the questionnaire of course! ( OK, so maybe they just knew because I have a Diet Coke problem that is obvious to the world… but I digress.)

It was also helpful for parents at Christmas and End of the year for those that wanted to get the teacher a gift. It also helped me. I mean don’t get me wrong, I appreciated everything I got, but I promise you your teacher probably does not need another #1 teacher mug. Or maybe that was just me. I also have an aversion to scented lotions and did not need any more Bath and Body Works lotions (for some reason everyone seems to think teachers need Bath and Body Works.) The questionnaire told parents what I liked/disliked and took all the guesswork out.

So for Koa’s teachers this year I made this Teacher Questionnaire for them to fill out. That way I don’t have to wonder what they like/dislike and can surprise them once in a while. Remember, even that $1 Diet Coke goes a long way in showing your appreciation for all those teachers do.

Teacher Questionnaire|Recipe For a Sweet Life

I have attached my questionnaire for you. So feel free to print it out, or save and email it to your child’s teacher. Let them know you are and will be thinking of them this school year!

Koa is starting preschool on Wednesday. We had his Meet the Teacher last week. His teacher seems very sweet and he even has an assistant in the class too. Mommy definitely had a harder time than Koa did. He walked right into that classroom like he owned the place and started playing. Of course he found the bus, cars and trucks and politely asked a little girl if he could play. My mommy heart burst with pride. And then the teacher handed me a pile of papers to fill out and it was all I could do not to burst into tears right there.  I will post about his first day  on Wednesday and  I’ll save the waterworks for then.

Until then, print the questionnaire, give it your teacher(s) and have a wonderful, fun filled school year!


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