The Perfect Fall Dress and Link Up


I hardly consider myself a fashionista. I am more of a practical classic kind of girl. When I made the decision to transition to a Capsule Wardrobe, I had to really figure out the kind of style I wanted. I wanted pieces I could wear forever, that were practical but still made me look good; pieces I could mix and match throughout seasons, that were durable ( I have 2 boys!) and that would withstand motherhood adventures.

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Making Fall Cozy, Even in the Heat

Fall is in full swing. However, it seems some parts of the country, like here in Arizona, have yet to get the memo. We are still in the high 90s here, and that makes it a little hard to get in the Fall spirit. You know what I mean…feeling cozy, smelling all the apple cider and pumpkin spice, scarves and blankets. All the things that make Fall, Fall. When its 95 degrees outside, its hard to feel cozy in a tank top and shorts! Even if I am eating Pumpkin Spice Cookies and drinking Apple Cider.

That’s where grove Collaborative comes in! They carry my favorite cleaning products by Mrs Meyer’s, in the most delicious seasonal scents to make my home smell like Fall inside even if it doesn’t feel like it outside.

Feeling Cozy|Recipe For a Sweet Life_sink-1

Better yet, with Grove Collaborative, I can stay under said blanket, because Grove delivers my favorite natural products right to my door, and I am all about the home delivery!  So, I don’t have to brave the heat with the kids going to the store. Instead, I’ll just crank up the air conditioner, and cozy up under a blanket while knowing my house is clean, and smells delicious. Grove has some amazing seasonal scents that I may not have found at my local store. Perfect Fall seasonals like Apple Cider and Mum. And they don’t smell fake and perfumey. They smell delicious and beautiful! (Yes something can smell beautiful!) Continue reading →