The Easiest Cookie You’ve Ever (Sorta) Made

It’s that time of year. When you can’t walk into a store with out seeing a table outside with those cute little girls in their green uniforms asking you if you’d like to buy a box of delicious, addictive, (crazy overpriced) cookies. Seriously though, those cookies are like $7.00 a box now depending on where you live. Yup, If you live in a certain states (California!) you pay more for your Girl Scout Cookies than people in other states! Crazy!

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the scouts. I myself was never into it, but my husband is an Eagle Scout and loved it. I know how great scouting programs are for kids, and the good they do. I know that scouting is hard work ( and fun) for a lot of kiddos. I remember my hubby working on his eagle Scout Project. So, I am most definitely not knocking the scouts. However, I am knocking the crazy overpriced box of cookies that keeps getting smaller, yet more expensive. (Anyone else notice that?) Yet, don’t we all wait for this time each year when they come out!? Especially the ever popular Thin Mint.

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For the Love of Popcorn…Valentine’s Day Popcorn Treat

Valentine’s Day is mere days away and I have the perfect last minute treat for you! yes, it involves popcorn, are you really surprised? But really, can you go wrong with sweet popcorn? Nope, not in my book. This makes the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for a teacher, neighbor, co workers, or just a festive after school treat for the kids!

The recipe is super easy to whip up quickly, and it’ll disappear just as fast. I promise this stuff didn’t last long in our house!

It involves strawberry marshmallows, too! Am I the only person who didn’t know they made flavored marshmallows. I mean I have always known about the multi colored so called tropical flavored ones (can you tell I don’t like them yuck!) But, these adorable heart shaped strawberry flavored ones are delicious! They were screaming to be made into something yummy.

For the full recipe find it here!