End the Summer with…Peach Scones!

 Alright…so technically summer doesn’t end for another 2 weeks. But, I am sort of hoping that the more I wish it away the faster it will go away. I had an amazing Summer, but I always look forward to Fall. Maybe it’s because it is still 100+ degrees here, and that heat gets old fast. So, when My Baker’s Box came this month and the theme was peaches, I couldn’t think of a better way to send summer out and welcome Fall in than with Peach Scones!

 Peach Scones | Recipe For a Sweet Life

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Jord Wood Watch | Giveaway

 *This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

JORD Wood Watch | Recipe For a Sweet Life

Before I had kids I was an accessory hoarder. I mean really. I have pretty dangly earrings, and statement necklaces and bracelets in every color and shape imaginable. But, you know what happens when you put a baby near a dangly earring? You end up with an earring ripping straight through your earring hole. Not pretty, or painless. So, after I had Koa, my accessory game changed. Now, I only wear the fun stuff on nights out minus the kids. Otherwise, I wear studs in my ears, a simple bar necklace, my wedding ring… and a watch.

JORD Wood Watch | Recipe For a Sweet Life

A few weeks ago JORD sent me this stunning and unique wood watch, and I was hooked. It immediately became part of my daily accessories. I mean look at it! I chose the Zebrawood and Maple, but they have so many styles and colors to to choose from and they carry men’s and women’s watches. There is definitely something for everyone.

JORD Wood Watch | Recipe For a Sweet Life

This is such a cool watch. I love that it is super light, so it’s not going weigh on my arm. Some watches are so heavy its obnoxious to wear them. Not so with these. It’s 100% natural wood, so no metal getting hot (we are in Arizona, it’s still 108 degrees) or anything sharp that’s going to hurt the kids when I am picking them up.

The clasp is amazing! I can actually put it on with my other hand and not have to do hand gymnastics to get the right angle. It’s a simple snap on each side and it’s done. I even put it on while I was carrying Kai the other morning.

And just look at it. It’s gorgeous! And it goes with everything! I wore it while on vacation in Hawaii, and I am totally going to wear it into Fall and Winter. (It’s a great capsule piece!) It’s a perfect transitional timepiece that I can take into any season, which is just what I need.

JORD Wood Watch | Recipe For a Sweet Life

Now, it wouldn’t be very nice of me to rave about this watch and not offer you something would it?

JORD is offering a giveaway to you all!

HOW TO ENTER: All you have to do is click here and enter your name and email for a chance to win a $75 voucher toward a watch of your choice.

Great News: Even if you do not win the $75 voucher, everyone who enters gets a $20 voucher just for entering!

Entries are valid through 9/18/16

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

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